Tatiana Reyna

[column col=»3/4″]With over 40 years of existence today has four offices in Caracas, DC The Campitos, D.C. Vizcaya, D.C. Florida and Los Palos Grandes, retaining the essence of its origin, feeding constantly updated as the various disciplines that now comprises: Flamenco, Ballet, Arab Dance, Jazz, Salsa and Merengue, including complementary.

The best education that involves the transmission of content for choreographic phrases, and regular updating of our art teacher and more than 30 teachers, ensures our students a holistic learning, fast and highly artistic, allowing the best experience inside and outside the academy, in the unique performances presented in theaters recognized with the participation of their students.

Within our classrooms receive girls, young and old, who wish to train as professionals or just have a space and recreational development. All our offices work together with Tatiana Reyna Foundation, nonprofit organization that promotes social and artistic development through dance, in its «take a walk outside the neighborhood.»


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