Tatiana Reyna

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Venezuelan born, Tatiana Reyna has been dedicated to the teaching of «Flamenco» for over 45 years. In Caracas has dance academies that bear his name and which transmit their invaluable artistic and human beauty.

Daughter of Master Freddy Reyna, starts from the three (3) years in ballet, then in London complete five years of ballet at the famous «Ballet Rambert School.» Learning experience there with the likes of Marie Rambert, Gene Kelly, Marcel Marceau, among others. As advised by the renowned Dr. Ricardo Pachon flamencologist Captain arrives in Spain to attend classes with their primary Sevillian Master Henry «The lame» acompañs who, at the end of the decade of the sixties to be recognized as «first figure» in full golden age of flamenco in Spain.

Tatiana represents Spain across Europe sharing stages, flamenco clubs and festivals with the most prominent figures of the time such as the singers: Antonio Mairena (Llave de Oro del Cante), Fernanda de Utrera, Jerez Earthquake, Chocolate, and the guitar: Paco Peña, Serranito, Morao sherry and stop counting.

On his return to Venezuela, marries and has three children: Adriana, Goyo and Cheo Azpurua, the latter being the current CEO Tatiana Reyna Academies.

Tatiana has been a prominent and recognized Venezuelan dancers and was the precursor, with the help of the choral group and son Steelbloom Goyo Reyna, a prominent Venezuelan singer, Rociera Mass in Venezuela.


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