Tatiana Reyna

[column col=»1/3″]Advisor: Tatiana Reyna.
Executive Chairman and Founder: José F. Azpúrua Reyna.
Coordinator: María Adelaida Octavio.


Through strategic alliances and fundraising, managing social programs that provide experience and knowledge in the ómbito of dance students and teachers from low income towards their personal, artistic and professional.


Be highly effective in adding new partners to our programs, allowing us to incorporate each year, most scholars to our programs and insert more people to work in the teaching field of dance.


  • Social Responsibility.
  • Responsible Education and Transcendent.
  • Teamwork.
  • Commitment.
  • Solidarity.


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Start Date: 2007.

Number of children served to date: 50.

Characteristics of the fellow:

women between 15 and 18 years with poor inclination to dance.

Current Allies:

Cultural Chacao, Carlos Soublette College of Chacao Municipality, Civil Association Ananda.

Program Scope:

Educate teens in flamenco dance and teaching skills so that later can exert and dance teachers.

Program Benefits:

Social Inclusion, acquisition of a trade that generates income to your household, keep them away from situations that may limit their development, empowerment of their personality, physical and psychological health.


Getting individuals, corporations and governmental benefactors with their contributions to cover the payment of professional fees of teachers who taught classes to students accepted into the Program View Neighborhood standing outside.

How to Contribute:

With a monthly contribution of BSF. 800 or an annual contribution of BSF. 15 8000 can benefit low-income youth.

How to contact us:



Telfs: 0800FLAMENCO or the 0212 -9781391, Attention Joseph Federico Azpúrua

Como Contactarnos:

Telfs: 0800FLAMENCO o por el 0212 -9781391, a la atención de José Federico Azpúrua

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